White Metal Skulls (12)

White Metal Skulls

These skulls are cast in white metal and are the right size for 28mm wargaming. They are genre non-specific so they will be equally at home in dungeons or derelict spaceships. They are supplied as a sprue of 12 unpainted skulls.

Check out our Skull Painting Guide for a suggestion on how to paint them.

Please note that we usually have a listing running on eBay for these skulls, and if you only want skulls, you will probably get a better deal on postage by ordering them via eBay. This is because the shipping mechanism on this site assumes that orders will contain multiple items and be bulkier i.e. what the Royal Mail calls a "small parcel" as opposed to a "large letter".

Price: £2.852.852.85

This product can be found on our Miscellaneous page, along with similar products that may be of interest to you.

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