When I laser cut windows, I am left with a pile of rectangular shaped pieces in the bottom of my laser cutter. Rather than bin them. I bag them, weigh them, and list them here. They can be useful as paving, plating, shuttering, to use when making barricades, or to represent debris in collapsed buildings.

Please note:

  1. The price I'm charging for this stuff is based on the extra bit of effort it takes for me to bag it and dig it out again when you order it rather than binning it. If you want more of the same size, it will cost you significantly more than I'm asking here. This is "scrap price".

  2. When I say "approximately X pieces", I mean APPROXIMATELY. If you need X, don't buy it. Work on the basis that there may be 5% less. Were I to check and double check, the quantity, rather than guestimate based on the number of windows I was cutting (some bits can be lost), I would have to charge more.

  3. Some of the pieces may have burn marks from where they have fallen into the cutter and hit by the laser as it cuts an adjacent piece.

  4. If there's nothing listed here, it means somebody else bought it all. :-P

Available Debris Items:

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